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South of the Border adventures

S.O.T.B The Whole Thing
Grease Hits Tijuana and goes for the whole t

Reincarnation-Dreams of other lives

Tucus Facious - Too Much Light
Dreams Of The Roman Empire

What if Grease came back as a bull?
Irving Greasemanowitz
The first Yiddish lawman.


Grease's other jobs before he was a Boss Jock

Medical Man
Grease makes a test tube baby.
Alaska Pipeline  
How Grease got some Hobble when he was up north
working on the pipeline.
Medical Man - Dentist
Jane Fonda comes in to get a tooth pulled
and Grease gets his revenge.


Wherein that Gun
A good Lawman never takes off his piece
Lady Cops
Female officers in the car
Virginia State Police Patches
Grease bonds with a fellow lawman


The BR Grease Fix Tape

Here is my phone call to Grease when I played him the tape for the first time. He had me come down with a copy for his collection.

BR Grease Fix Tape

More BR Calls

Mother and Daughter Combo

Marines in Somalia


Grease Videos

When I went down to give him the Grease Fix Tape I brought my video camera and got some great shots of Grease in action.
These are big files and might take 1-2 Min to download depending on your connection.

Greaseman in DC 101 Studio and Interview


Greaseman Howard Stern ABC News Story


Wisconsin Girl
Watch as he takes the call, YDB rewinds the tape and cues it up to the phone calls start, Grease comes back from commercial, hits the button to start the phone call again, then hits the button again to go live and create the bit. UFB



Check out BR's Classic Rock Photos.All shot by BR in the
70's & 80's
Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rolling Stones,The WHO, Police, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen. Plus lots more !!!!!
You Will Dig It

Rolling Stones - Mick Jaggar

Lots of photos from the 2 times I was at the studio on page 3


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Lots of photos from the 2 times I was at the studio on page 3

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