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Extra, Extra, Extra I just added Videos I shot at the DC 101 studios

Back In the 80's when Greaseman was going strong at DC 101 here in Washington DC. My buddy Jimmy and I would tape the entire 4 hour show each day. Each evening we would listen to the bits and decide which ones were "keepers". By the time Jim got married and we moved out we had over 32 Hours of the best, so get ready for some laughs. In my opinion Greaseman is the only "shock Jock" that does not imitate Howard. Stern is the best at what he does. Grease does characters and molds those characters into intricate stories and situations. I enjoy them both.

This is satire - comedy and may not be politically correct.
So if you can't take a joke don't listen.


About 1985 Grease was on a local TV show and they did the Dating Game show for Valentines day.
Watch the Video I put on YouTube 1st then listen to Grease talk about it
This is classic stuff.


Here is the whole Thang

Part 1 Grease that morning before the show. 
Part 2 Grease the next day
Part 3 Grease the next day - The Toe Monster puts in his 2 cents
Part 4 Grease the next day - Payed his dues\what the date will be like
Part 5 Grease - The Date

More Great Bits and YouTube Videos On Page 2

Sgt Fury - Ninos Days In Vietnam

Sgt. Furry - Fly Boys 
Furry and the boys save a downed navy flyer.

Sgt. Fury -1st day In Country  
Sgt Furry and the boys flying into Viet Nam for the first time.
Sgt. Furry - Robinson
Furry's best man
Sgt Furry - Back From Viet-Nam
Here is the greeting some Vets got when they got back.
Furry shows us how to handle that.
Sgt Furry - Back To Get His Daughter
Furry finds out he has a kid back in Nam live-in with the commies.
Sgt Furry - Madam Mings
Furry and the boys take a brake at Madam Mings
Sgt Furry - Nurse Robin Hodges
Furry falls for the lovely nurse Hodges
Sgt Furry - Stuck In A Cave
Robinson goes in a cave to get the VC
Sgt Furry - Xmas In Connecticut
Furry back home at Christmas has a flash-back.
Sgt Furry - 3 to 5 Days
Brings home a souvenir for Estelle from Viet-Nam
Sgt Fury in the hospital
Fury wakes up with a commie next to him

Jane Fonda
Nothing else to say!

Hobble Hand Book-How to meet those sweet thangs

HHB Chapter 9 Cold weather opportunities 
How to hook up with that  sexy neighbor.
HHB Chapter 50 Tourist Tapping 
DC is a great town for Tourist Taping.
HHB Chapter 3 Targets of opportunity
Meeting ladies in a bar
HHB-Chapter 7 Hospital Hobble
Sweet Things in distress.
HHB Chapter 17 Church

Finding it in church.
HHB Chapter 18 Auto Repair Shop
Here is what to do while you wait.
HHB Chapter 22 Highway
Always be ready for that stranded sweet thing.
HHB Chapter 27 Co-Ed
Finding it at the University Of MD
HHB Chapter 41 Disguises
The Clerical Collar
HHB Chapter 87 Reluctance


Maggot Line - Calls from the Maggots

ML Density
Chick wants to know what Grease sleeps In.
ML Proletarian 
Grease argues with a communist about how
much money he makes.
ML Dismayed
Complaint about a punch line.
ML Sunburned
Sweet thang wants grease to come rub
lotion on her butt.
Young chick on the maggot line.
M.L.-Money Back
Grease gives advice to a caller from North Dakota
Karla and Marty
Two sweet thangs want Grease to come over
M.L. - Guy at work
Grease tells an ugly woman how to get a hot guy at work
M.L. - Dumped at the altar
Grease consuls a woman dumped right before there wedding


More M.L. phone calls

ML Dumped
Sweet Thing needs Grease to consul her.
ML Lunch
Grease offers lunch at the Grease Palace but
gets some resistance.
ML Ugly Women
An Ugly Women needs  advice from Grease.
Hobble Song
The original and a fast version.
M.L.-Bad Boy
Grease Whips out that Bad Boy
Talk To A baby
Grease gets yelled at by an unborn baby after
he unloads on the Mother.
Young girl hobblin already
Better to have a boy, not a girl

Misc Bits

Monday Morning  Sign ON
Grease signing on - On another stinking Monday Morning.
Martini Time Sign Off
4 Martini Times
Redneck Song
Grease lets us know what its like when a
Redneck goes on vacation.
Labor Day-Nothin but the Winos are out.
Estelle calls from her vacation and Nino has bad news.
Snow Party  
A Classic - Grease signing off during a snow storm then signing
on the next morning hung-over from going to a bar hopping snow party.
Dating A Modern Man

Ladies, there is not enough REAL men out there
Waffle Irons
Awkward exchange of gifts a X-Mass. Always be ready with a gift
Clint - Rim Shot
What if Clint Eastwood went gay
Liz Taylor
News From The Paper
The Consummate Hunter
Grease prepares for hunting season
Bone Dry

Grease lets us know how dry he likes them
Talks To A Baby
Grease talks to a unborn boy about what his thwacker is.

Misc Bits #2

Grease's gift on his 10th birthday.
T Thadius Scruggs
Grease goes on vacation in Florida. Where he puts on airs
Phil Cronnburg
Nino gets revenge on his old school mate.
Power Boater 
The difference between power Boaters and Sail Boaters.
Power Boater #2
Time Stood Still
Grease accidentally stops time.
Greaseman's Illegitimate Children's Convention
Grease's Children from all over the world come together.
Good Ship Grease
Last two people on earth.
21 Year old inherits 100 Million
Grease goes to Florida to find the girl of his dreams.
Grease Car Breaks Down
On his way to an appearance
Tuna Song
Two Versions
Grease Mob days
Christmas with his mob family
Grease sic Sign-On
Grease not feeling well this morning

Check out BR's Classic Rock Photos.All shot by me in the
70's & 80's
Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rolling Stones,The WHO, Police, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen. Plus lots more !!!!!
You Will Dig It

Van Halen 1980

More Great Bits and Videos On Page 2

Here I am at the studio with YDB and Grease in action.


More Great Bits and Videos On Page 2

Lots of photos from the 2 times I was at the studio on page 3

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