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If you have never checked out Fractals and or Chaos Theory you are in for some fun.
The simple explanation is:
The order and structure that natural chaotic systems have.Like the weather, it is an unpredictable
system. But there is structure and order in there. To me its the way the universe works.

A snowflake is a Fractal. They all have 6 sides but no 2 flakes are the same.
You can give a computer a mathematical formula (program) and it will draw you
a snowflake. Below are images created with other formulas.

This can get addicting , you have been warned !!

Lightning bolt that I mirrored with my image processing program.
When I stuck the images together I could not believe what I saw.
The patterns of Chaos--the Mandelbrott set.
Any thoughts

mandlight.jpg (41297 bytes)

Mandelbrott Set

mand1.jpg (39846 bytes)
Mandelbrot Set-The Icon of the Fractal World
You can zoom in forever and never run out of detail.
Here is a dazzling zoom-in on the Mandelbrot set
Mpeg (1.1MB)

All these images were created using Winfract
(Download Winfract Below)

frac1.jpg (43958 bytes)

frac3.jpg (71085 bytes)       frac4.jpg (69847 bytes)

frac5.jpg (37717 bytes)   frac6.jpg (40382 bytes)

frac7.jpg (38782 bytes)    frac8.jpg (60008 bytes)

Play the Chaos Game

Pick a random starting point.
Now randomly pick A, B, or C.
Lets say you picked B.
Put a dot half way between your starting point and the B.
Randomly pick again and do the same thing.
Put a dot half way between your new dot and A, B, or C.
You might think that after 100's of  times doing this you would end up with a filled in triangle.
You end up with a Fractal triangle.
Go HERE to play the Chaos game

You will need Java to play the game.Download Java from Sun Microsystems. Its Free

Download Winfract
Here is the program that makes the Fractals
Winfract - Version 18.21

Quick installation instructions
Make a new folder called Winfract in your Program Files folder - Download Winfract to that folder.

Double-click it and it will unzip the files in the WINFRACT folder.
Make a shortcut to Winfract on your desktop
Right click your Desktop - Click New - Shortcut. Browse to the WINFRACT folder and click the Winfract icon to create the shortcut.

Other Fractal Links
Here is a collection of Fractal Animations Click Here

Beginners Start Here
A Fractal Lesson

Easy Fractal Generator

Check out Pauls Home Page and download his Fractal Viewer .Its easy to use.

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