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Washington Monument

July 4th 2000

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How its done !!


Big D drawing his Initials on the film with a flashlight the same way the fireworks
"draw" on the film. You need your camera on a tri-pod and set to Bulb. This leaves the shutter open until you release it.
Open your lens all the way, focus on infinity. Now look through the viewfinder and watch a few fireworks go off. Line it up so your on a good spot or zoom back and get a wider area. Now wait for black sky and open the shutter. (works better with a shutter release cable) let 1-2 fireworks go off and release cable so shutter closes. Advance film and do it again. Experiment with letting 1-2-3-4 going off before you close shutter. Too many becomes a mess.

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This Shot is from the Desert Storm Welcome Home Celebration (1991)

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