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Georgetown - Wash. DC

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Charla - Aruba Sunset               Rainbow.jpg (12775 bytes)

Sunset1.jpg (16578 bytes)                           Sunset2.jpg (13017 bytes)
                                                                                             Aruba Sunset

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Sunset4.jpg (19245 bytes)                Maui Sunset
                                                                                               Maui sunset

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Above the clouds-Hawaiian Volcano

Maui water fall
Maui water fall

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../coolishot/fish.jpg (27973 bytes)

You can use this as your Wallpaper.With a Black screen it looks like a aquarium. Right Click
on the image to download and save it to your Windows Folder. Then go to
Control Panel-Display-Background Tab. Change the background image to fish.bmp.
Then click the Appearance Tab and change the Color to Black.

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